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Your ideas shape our world.


Business Lawyers Who Actually “Get” It

Limit your risk. Maximize your return.

You manage a small business. You imagine possibilities. Create solutions in the marketplace. Supply necessary goods or services. You’re just one business, but you help keep society’s economic wheels turning.

But who helps you?

Whether you’re a company with 20 years’ experience and millions in revenue, or a younger business just finding its way, we’re here for you. We want to help you find the yes to those ideas, nurturing and safeguarding them and making sure they come to life.

For Way Law, the world of Yes is a lot larger than the world of No.

When you work with Way Law, what you say matters. Your ideas shape our strategy. We don’t talk at you. We start by listening, and then we talk to you. We strive to make the law understandable; plain English is the name of the game. Together we develop a comprehensive, cohesive, proactive and strategic plan to minimize risks – such as a poorly conceived business deal or an inexpertly worded lease agreement – that could cause a problem that you and your business can’t afford. As we work with you, we also capitalize on opportunities to maximize your gains so that your business can grow and prosper. And we use transparent fee structures so that you always have a clear idea upfront about what you’ll pay.

That’s the Way Law difference.

About Us

We founded Way Law as the answer to three important questions that the legal industry tends not to ask:


What if

You liked your lawyer?

What if

You understood your Lawyer?

What if

You could afford your Lawyer?

Way Law takes these three questions to heart. We do law differently, to serve you better.

We use legal strategy to achieve business strategy. We take the time to learn your business and your goals. We explain the law to you, in plain English you can understand. We listen to your ideas and feedback. We’re easy to reach because we make you our priority. We’re transparent about our fees and use flat rates whenever we can, so you always know what you’ll pay.

We’re a small business  – just like you. We make it our business to understand yours. We’ve studied the risks inherent to your specific industry, and we create legal strategies and tactics to protect you and your company from harm and position it for success.

We do law differently.


From contract law and compliance to strategic planning and risk and tax management, Way Law has the breadth of experience to minimize risks inherent to your industry, while maximizing your business gains. We give you the one-on-one focus you deserve, and we walk alongside you on your path to entrepreneurial success. Call us today to discuss how we can champion your business and partner with you in meeting your goals.

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Do you feel bound by rules to a game no one taught you to play?

You need FlightPlan.

FlightPlan, a strategic standalone legal approach unique to Way Law, helps businesses implement strategies that not only manage risk, but also maximize gain.

Companies that use FlightPlan get a personalized strategic risk plan that anticipates problems so they can be avoided, setting the stage for greater profitability and growth.

Practice Areas

Does it ever seem as though the law is working against you, instead of for you?

Maybe you feel tripped up by unaccounted-for risks. Or that you haven’t gotten as much out of a deal as you could or should have. Perhaps you’ve been frustrated by customer, client or partner relationships that don’t seem to serve your interests well. Or you feel like you’re always putting out fires instead of building your business or implementing your new ideas.

Way Law can handle these and other legal issues for you – from the routine to the unusual. We don’t deal in cookie-cutter solutions. We design custom legal strategies to help you improve your partnerships, strengthen your contracts, reduce your business risks, simplify your compliance reporting, limit your tax liability, and more. We keep you and your business at the forefront as we work to Find the Yes you need to operate, and to Protect the Yes so you can thrive.

Explore our Practice Areas to see how Way Law can help you anticipate problems, avoid unpleasant issues, and meet your goals through strategic legal planning.


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