General Counsel

Our Fractional General Counsel Is the Whole Package

Our general counsel is anything but routine

Your general counsel is the architect and steward of your legal strategy. They should be dedicated to understanding your business and your goals, and an integral part of your management team.

For many small businesses, in house general counsel can seem like the only path to excellent legal strategy. But what if outside general counsel could bring you the benefits of having a full-time attorney on staff?

Whether you have occasional, but critical, legal needs, or a steady stream of opportunities and challenges where legal insight would help you reach your goals, Way Law has a general counsel solution for you.

Way Law helps your business build comprehensive legal strategy for maximizing returns. We listen to your goals and design each transaction to advance the overall strategy we’ve developed for you. We understand that legal strategy has no one-size fits all solutions, and so we craft our strategies based on you.

We offer outside general counsel in two varieties: General Counsel and Strategic General Counsel.

Designed for small businesses with legal concerns that arise monthly or quarterly, our General Counsel provides your business with:

  • A relationship with one attorney who knows your business.
  • Trust that your General Counsel will be available when you need advice – even for small questions that some attorneys turn away as “not worth the time.”
  • Help with regular and recurring issues.
  • A cohesive long-term strategy so that your business decisions bring you closer to achieving your goals.

We offer General Counsel services at flat rates.

For growing and established companies seeking a higher level of legal representation we offer our signature Strategic General Counsel service, where we function as a member of your staff. You can rely on your Strategic General Counsel to:

  • Advise in daily and weekly legal concerns.
  • Attend executive-level meetings.
  • Monitor developments in your industry.
  • Anticipate legal questions.
  • Identify new areas of opportunity or risk.
  • Proactively guide legal strategies to achieve results aligned with your business goals.
  • Respond to your ideas promptly with comprehensive advice.

Strategic General Counsel services are offered on a fractional basis to offer premium value.

If your company is ready for the benefits of operating proactively and strategically, talk to Way Law about how you can support your growth and stay ahead of legal trouble by using our General Counsel or Strategic General Counsel service.

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