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At Way Law, we use Business Law Solutions and innovative Legal Strategy as tools to solve business problems and advance business goals. 

Let’s say you’ve developed a straightforward idea but don’t know where to start to put it into action. Or you suspect your idea has legal implications – nearly all do – but you don’t know what they are or how they should be addressed. Your qualified Way Law attorney would craft business law solutions to manage your liability, reduce the risk of negligence, help ensure that your idea comes to fruition, and support your long-term goals

But perhaps your idea is more complex. For instance: You want to offer an employee bonus. Legally, your idea involves coordinating the specific requirements of employment law, tax planning, securities law, deferred compensation tax law, and Fair Labor Standards Act considerations. For this example, Legal Innovations – unique to Way Law – is particularly useful because your concept spans multiple areas of the law. A knowledgeable Way Law innovations attorney would design a strategy and a process to introduce the bonus most efficiently and effectively with the least risk and the most potential for gain.

This is one of our largest practice areas, and we serve smaller businesses as well as larger companies that have their own in-house counsel. For these larger companies, Way Law brings subject-matter expertise, fresh ideas, and different perspectives. 

No matter what your company’s size or the complexity of your idea, you can trust your expert Way Law innovations and business law attorney to take a strategic, one-of-a-kind solution to your business issues. Talk to a Way Law attorney and let us help you bring your best ideas to life.

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