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Companies enter lease agreements to solve a problem or fulfill a business need. Usually, leasing is a means for a business to acquire something that can’t be purchased, or costs more than makes sense at the time. By leasing, the company is borrowing, and borrowing places responsibility on the renter while leaving important elements of control in the hands of another party. 

Rental agreements usually play out over many years and involve thousands of dollars, making it critical that lease agreements are structured to accommodate the renter’s future needs and goals. A good lease agreement:

  • Balances the tenant’s interests and the owner’s.
  • Anticipates risks and identifies opportunities to enhance your business’s potential.
  • Is mutually beneficial, serving as a springboard for success for both parties.

A leasing lawyer also can help ensure that rent increases, vacancy orders, and other rental stipulations common to commercial real estate deals are clearly spelled out in the lease, so you are not caught off guard. 

Way Law represents both renters and landlords. No matter what side of the lease deal you’re on, call upon a qualified Way Law leasing lawyer or commercial real estate attorney for guidance and support. 

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