More than a Legal Audit

Minimize Risk and Maximize Gain with our FlightPlan Legal Strategy

Does your business seem stuck? Are you always dealing with the urgent but not the important – such as your long-term goals? Do you want to scale up but aren’t sure where to start?

FlightPlan is a new standalone service exclusive to Way Law. With FlightPlan, we help you identify, understand, and manage legal risk in your business. We base this strategic, non-traditional service on our proprietary methodology that breaks legal risk into categories and analyzes them. We then use our findings to build a strategy for accomplishing your business goals using legal tools over the next 12 months.

How can FlightPlan help your business?
Consider these examples of FlightPlan in action:

Medical Practice

Using FlightPlan we helped a successful 10-year-old medical practice identify a critical dependency on a party  where the terms of the relationship did not help the practice. We helped the practice implement a strategic shift away from that partner to reduce the dependence and the liability. We also helped the practice identify intellectual property risks to their brand and created a strategy to protect their proprietary information.

Construction Contractor

FlightPlan helped a construction contractor identify and mitigate the risks involved in managing subcontractors. After analyzing and evaluating current practices, we developed solutions to better control performance outcomes without overstepping the permissible supervision of a subcontractor, to lower the company’s liability. We also helped the company understand their options for their tax classification, and helped them identify the tax structure that best suited their financial needs and long-term goals.

Child Care Center

Using FlightPlan we helped the child care center to determine a disconnect between the center’s procedures and training. We helped the center understand how employee practices expose the company to liability, developed a strategy for resolving it, and helped write new training and performance materials to standardize operations. This helped eliminate performance variances while still leaving for discretion and judgment.