Fee Information

A Law Firm that Protects and Prospers Your Small Business. That’s Worth Every Penny.

The right legal team is an investment, not an expense.

When you work with Way Law PLLC, you invest in tactical and strategic steps that turn your concept into reality. Our goal is to support you in bringing your business vision to life, and we work to design a cohesive and adaptable plan to support your goals while also anticipating future issues and proactively devising solutions.

You’ll also invest in understanding and communication. As we work with you, we explain legal issues and nuances in clear, understandable English, stripped of jargon and legalese, to make certain you understand both the law and the ramifications to your business.

Invest in Way Law PLLC. It will pay dividends for your business.

We Love Flat Rates

The distance between lawyer and client can often be measured by the amount of uncertainty over the bill. Way Law PLLC takes pains to eliminate this by using flat rates as much as possible. Flat rates take the clock out of the equation, so that a client isn’t discouraged from calling us, sharing ideas, or asking questions.

Because we don’t do anything cookie cutter, we don’t have a schedule of flat rates. Two client service agreements for two different companies will be very different. We provide starting flat rates for many common projects, and encourage clients and potential clients to call us to discuss their needs so we can provide a flat rate tailored to them.

Even where we can’t provide rate certainty, we want transparency. Though we love flat rates, some projects cannot be fairly done at a flat rate. These are projects where some element is beyond the control of the client, often some level of negotiation or involving a complex legal strategy. Where we can’t provide a flat rate, we provide an hourly rate and estimated range of the time and cost expected.

Our pricing sets us apart from other law firms. Talk to us today about our unique approach to attorneys’ fees and how Way Law PLLC can bring you the legal advice you need at the affordable price you deserve.

General Counsel & Strategic General Counsel Fees:
A Discount for Our Premier Clients

Our general counsel and strategic general counsel plans are based on discounted hourly rates. These programs require clients to trust us to determine which legal issues to address; we in turn extend trust to the client in the form of discounted rates.

General Counsel fee tiers:

  • 24 hours of service annually, $600/month
  • 36 hours of service annually, $900/month
  • 48 hours of service annually, $1200/month

Fees are based on an initial planning meeting to determine your needs and goals, and the time we estimate we’ll need to address the related legal issues over the course of a year. Our Strategic General Counsel service is highly customized and provides our highest level of service. It begins at 4 hours per month at $1200 per month.