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A charitable organization has all the concerns of a for-profit business, plus special rules to follow to obtain and retain their tax-exempt status. Further, while your mission is to help others, you must have an advocate to ensure that you’re able to offer that help. 

A Way Law nonprofits attorney can be your guide as you:

  • Obtain your tax-exempt status
  • Navigate compliance issues
  • Fulfill various state filing requirements
  • Consider tax law issues

We’ll also help you proactively look ahead as you work toward your goals of developing your donor base, managing your marketing, and building your brand and reputation in your community.

Don’t risk submitting incorrect paperwork, missing important state tax and filing deadlines, or endangering your tax-exempt status. Similarly, don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day that you neglect long-term strategy to meet your future needs and goals. With our many years of experience, a qualified Way Law nonprofit attorney can help you with contracts, risk management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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