Manufacturers, Makers, & Artisans

Creativity and precision are important to this industry, which runs the gamut from toolmakers and design engineers, to candle crafters and photographers. Makers sometimes create items that they sell directly, or they supply their work to others to sell. All of these goods are subject to a host of laws a maker may not even be aware of – laws governing safety, licenses to acquire materials, importation of components, and more.

In addition to negotiating and drafting contracts, Way Law ensures compliance with product safety and labeling requirements, and advises on potential product liability and intellectual property protection. Our manufacturer lawyers also handle trademarking, international law, loan agreements for capital infusions, and agreements with the next link in the distribution chain (like wholesaler to retailer, or direct sales to end user).

Makers are typically well-versed in creative and production issues, but not in the law. Way Law works closely with makers to ensure their businesses and products are protected. Talk to one of our qualified manufacturer attorneys today about how we can help support your product development business.

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