Logistics & Delivery

A surprising number of laws affect the transportation industry. Their business is frequently conducted over state lines, and laws can vary by state. Besides contract law, a host of other laws affect the transportation industry, such as employment law and various federal and state regulatory compliance.

Way Law helps make sense of all of this. Specifically, we handle client service agreements that protect our logistics and delivery businesses from risks stemming from the transportation of goods, while also assuring customers that the transported goods will arrive on time and intact. In addition, transportation is a highly competitive industry, requiring that agreements be drawn so that the inner workings of the logistics business model aren’t readily apparent to a competitor who might obtain a copy of an agreement.

Our transportation lawyers also ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, address issues related to cargo liability and insurance, advise on employment and labor law matters for truck drivers and independent contractors, handle disputes or accidents involving trucks, and protect against “poaching” – of customers by staff starting their own businesses, or staff by customers who want to circumvent the core business.

If you operate a logistics and delivery business, let an experienced Way Law logistics and delivery attorney help you navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding your industry.

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